Scuba Divers

Confession: I have a fear of scuba diving

Scuba Diving hasn’t always held a significant spot on my bucket list. That is until earlier this year. Out of nowhere, I became obsessed and diving shot to the top of my 2014 travel goals. After a short stint in Hong Kong, I was headed to Thailand for a month. What better place to do my […]

Hong Kong Skyline

My Best Hong Kong Travel Tips

Hong Kong was the first stop of my four-month Asia trip. I went from living in a rural village in Tanzania to this large, bustling, metropolitan city. You could easily say it was a culture shock and my head was spinning! It took a few days to learn the ropes but in the end, I […]


Finding Your Travel Style by Traveling Solo

If there is one thing I know about myself, it’s how I like to travel. I have a very specific travel style that’s evolved over time. It doesn’t mean I’m not constantly exploring and trying new things, it just means I know the types of things I enjoy, and what I don’t.  And most of […]

Raw coffee beans

Roasting Coffee Beans in Tanzania – And How You Can Do it Too!

Did you know you can roast your own coffee right at home? I had never even thought of this. The Backstory: Why was I roasting coffee beans? When I first arrived in Tanzania the coffee options were limited. And when I say limited, there was only one option: Africafe Instant Coffee. For a coffee drinker […]

Toilet Paper

20 Things I Learned Living in Tanzania

I learned many things during my time living in Tanzania. Some were major life lessons about cultural differences and philosophical issues. But these aren’t them. Here I give you 20 little tidbits and quirks I learned through day to day life in this interesting part of the world. 1. The best way to avoid uninvited […]

Tanzania Rice Fields

A Diamond Abroad Leaves Tanzania

My plan for 2014 has changed. When I arrived in January, I was to stay in Tanzania for a whole year. Midway through I made the decision to reduce my contract to six months. Why? No big story. Nothing monumental.  I simply decided a year was a little too long, and for me, six months […]


Ten Lessons Learned on a Weekend in Nairobi

I’m not a big planner when it comes to travel. I tend to have a couple things in mind, but for the most part, I wing it. Usually this works out. Every now and again it doesn’t. The later was true when I spent a weekend in Nairobi. For some reason on this particular trip, […]

Welcome to Kenya

First Impressions of Kenya

When I was a kid in the late 80’s I went to see the movie “Coming to America”. Maybe I was too young for this R-rated movie, but I thought it was hilarious.  Eddie Murphy played the Prince of Zamunda who, against his parents’ wishes of an arranged marriage, concocts a plan to find an […]



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